This is the end

“I remember that somewhere between 340 and 370. player at the finishing line I could finally take a moment to breathe and I heard the sentence that gave me energy for the next ten hours without sleep: <It was worth coming here even for this one race>”.
We want you to know it. Be aware that for us, your satisfaction is the best verification and goal in itself.
It was a pleasure to organize the next Polish Championship – year after year – and to observe how this this great sport gives you joy through our organization 🏃♂️🤩
We congratulate all winners (we gave away literally a tons of medals), we wish you good luck for the remaining part of the season🏆
Traditionally, we would like to invite you to this year’s Bukowa Cup (11-13 of october) and to visit Szczecin and take part in iconic “Dobranocka” series 📅
We strongly recommend browsing through great pictures took by our Partner “Fotopolis”. We also encourage you to scan official results that are already posted both on our website and the official IOF page.
Be advised, you are more than welcome to visit #WestPomerania again. It’s not only Smołdzęcino surroundings that are this stunning here.